• Cheese Pizza

    Savor the Best of Pizza Parma in Downtown Pittsburgh

    When it comes to indulging in authentic and delicious pizza in downtown Pittsburgh, Pizza Parma is the ultimate destination. Located at 963 Liberty Avenue, this family-owned gem offers a rich array of pizzas, pastas, and Italian specialties that have been delighting locals and visitors alike for over 15 years. Why Pizza Parma Stands OutPizza Parma…

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  • Difference Between Stromboli and Calzone | Pizza Parma

    What’s the Difference Between a Calzone and Stromboli?

    Everyone loves pizza, but how many of you have ever tried a stromboli or a calzone? We believe these foods need their chance to shine, but not many people actually know the difference between a calzone and stromboli. Pizza Parma is here to fix that. Continue reading to better understand what these dishes are.

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  • Ways to Enjoy Leftover Pizza | Pizza Parma

    Three Ways to Enjoy Leftover Pizza

    Cold from the fridge or zapped in the microwave, there are only a few ways to enjoy leftover pizza, right? You’d be surprised how creative you can get with these cheesy leftovers, from the way you reheat it to totally new entrees you’ll wish you’d thought of sooner.  

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  • Ways to Eat Pizza | Pizza Parma

    The Different Ways You Can Eat a Slice

    It’s fair to say that pizza is a pretty universally-loved food. However, that doesn’t mean we all consume those tasty slices the same way. As a pizza restaurant, we have seen plenty of the different ways people enjoy their pizza. That being said, read on as we break down the three most popular ways people…

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  • Finer Foods | Pizza Parma

    Why Finger Foods are the Best for Your Party

    Parties are the best. Not only do they allow you to let loose and relax, but they are the perfect opportunity to create cherished memories with your family and friends. However, when you are in charge of the planning, things can get stressful. This is especially true when it comes to choosing the food. For…

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  • What Is a Wedgie? | Pizza Parma

    What is a Wedgie?

    While pizza is amazing (don’t get us wrong), there is so much more to a pizza shop than just your favorite pies. There are pizza restaurant staples like calzones and stromboli, as well as many more ways to change up your order. So what about a wedgie? That’s right, we said it, W-E-D-G-I-E. Confused? Read…

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  • Why Ordering Pizza is Better than Room Service

    Ordering Pizza is Better than Room Service Ordering Pizza Whether you prefer a plain old margarita or you’re more adventurous in your choice of toppings, the taste of gooey cheese, rich tomato sauce and the crunch of crust is hard to beat. Mmm… mouthwatering… Now, where were we? Ah yes… did you know that Pizza…

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  • How to get pizza sauce out of your Furry costume

    How to get pizza sauce out of your Furry costume Pizza Sauce: If you’re strolling down Fort Duquesne Boulevard this weekend and happen to cross paths with a red fox, dragon or unicorn, don’t be alarmed: you haven’t fallen down the rabbit hole. You’re just having a close encounter with a few fursuited friends who…

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    TOP 10 REASONS TO GET PIZZA IN PITTSBURGH Reasons to get pizza: You’ve taken in a little too much culture in the cultural district You sat through three hours of singing and dancing during a show about something or another. Now for the third act — pizza in downtown Pittsburgh. You’re going on a first…

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