What is a Wedgie?

What Is a Wedgie? | Pizza Parma

While pizza is amazing (don’t get us wrong), there is so much more to a pizza shop than just your favorite pies. There are pizza restaurant staples like calzones and stromboli, as well as many more ways to change up your order. So what about a wedgie? That’s right, we said it, W-E-D-G-I-E. Confused? Read on to learn more about what may become your new favorite food.

Who Invented the Wedgie?

Many claim to have invented the wedgie, so we don’t know for sure who actually came up with it. What we do know is that all the claims tend to follow the same storyline. Uninspired by boring sliced bread, pizza makers wanted a more delicious option for sandwiches. And with that thought and a little creativity, the wedgie was born. 

What is It? 

Basically, it is the ultimate marriage between pizza and a sandwich. Instead of using bread to hold together all the delicious ingredients, baked pizza dough is used. It’s as simple as that! It gets its name from its shape, as these hybrid pizza sandwiches are usually cut into wedge shapes.


Just like a sandwich, you can get creative with your creation. Since a wedgie is inspired by pizza dough, you can also be assured that most come with some sort of cheese.Of course, if you’re more of a herbivore, you can opt for one overflowing with fresh veggies. Or maybe you’re more of a Philly cheese steak kind of person. Whatever suits your fancy, the options are truly limitless.

Order a Wedgie from Pizza Parma

OK, so your mouth is watering. We don’t blame you. Interested in any of the wedgie varieties we featured? We have those, along with many other delicious options. Check out our full wedgie menu, and stop by Pizza Parma today!