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  • Cheese Pizza

    Savor the Best of Pizza Parma in Downtown Pittsburgh

    When it comes to indulging in authentic and delicious pizza in downtown Pittsburgh, Pizza Parma is the ultimate destination. Located at 963 Liberty Avenue, this family-owned gem offers a rich array of pizzas, pastas, and Italian specialties that have been delighting locals and visitors alike for over 15 years. Why Pizza Parma Stands OutPizza Parma…

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  • Pittsburgh Arts Fest Pizza | Pizza Parma

    Best Pizza: A Slice for Every Palate

    Pizza is the universal language of comfort food, and at Pizza Parma, we speak it fluently. With an extensive menu offering everything from the classics to innovative new creations, deciding what to order can be a delicious dilemma. That’s why we’ve created this ultimate guide to the best pizza at Pizza Parma, making your choice…

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  • Best Pizza Shops | Pizza Parma

    Pizza Parma Named One of Pittsburgh’s Best Pizza Shops

    Pittsburgh, Pa – Oct 14, 2019 – Pizza Parma has been named one of the best pizza shops in the area by Star 100.7 Pittsburgh. Taking 2nd overall against the likes of Nick’s Pizza in Castle Shannon and Sammy’s Pizza in Westwood, the restaurant towered over others in the Bubba Show Best Pizza in the…

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