Pizza Parma is Now Offering Contact-Free Pizza Delivery

delivery driver ready to make a contact-free pizza delivery | Pizza Parma Pittsburgh

Ensuring the health and safety of our customers and employees will always be our highest priority. However, we also realize people need pizza maybe more than ever. The Pizza Parma crew will continue with our regular deep cleanings, but we want to make sure our valued customers feel as safe and confident as possible when ordering the best pizza in Pittsburgh. That’s why we’re introducing Contact-Free Pizza Delivery from Pizza Parma. 

What is Contact-Free Pizza Delivery?

With the threat of COVID-19 so prevalent, we understand that limiting person-to-person contact is one of the best ways to stop its spreading. Many of us are already taking smart social distancing measures such as not going out unless necessary and working from home. 

Pizza Parma is playing its part while continuing to offer you Pittsburgh’s best pizza. Through Contact-Free Delivery, aims to keep our customers and employees as safe and healthy as possible. But how does it work?

When you place your next order with Pizza Parma, make sure to specify that you’d like Contact-Free Pizza Delivery. You can do this in the comment section if ordering online, or telling the operator who answers your call. Tell us where you’d like the pizza dropped off, like on your doorstep, porch, or building’s front desk. Our drivers will contact you by phone, doorbell, or knocking and set your order down. All orders are placed in a protective outer box to make your orders stay safe and sanitary. 

Don’t worry, our drivers won’t ding-dong ditch after they deliver your food. After placing your order in the designated spot, they will back up a safe distance and confirm you’ve received your order before driving off. 

It’s that easy! Don’t miss out on the pizza you love. 

How Do I Order Contact-Free Delivery from Pizza Parma?

Ordering Contact-Free Pizza Delivery is just as easy as ordering normally. Order Pizza Parma online by first selecting your location, filling out your order, and using the comment section to let us know you’d like to take advantage of Contact-Free delivery. Don’t forget to tell us where you’d like us to put your order when our driver arrives. 

You can also order Contact-Free Pizza Delivery over the phone. Just be sure to let your operator know where we should leave your order.

Finally, to further ensure everyone’s safety, Contact-Free Delivery is only available through credit/debit card purchases. You can even prepay your driver’s tip. 

Place Your Pizza Parma Contact-Free Order Today

Ready for a pizza? We thought so! Click here to start placing your order online or give us a call at (412)441-6600. Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay happy!