The Best Summer Pizza Toppings

Best Summer Pizza Toppings | Pizza Parma

As we settle ever more into summer, our go-to meals and cravings change. Wintertime: soups, casseroles and comfort foods. Flash forward to summer: grilled favorites and mouthwatering watermelon. Our take? Pizza is a year-round necessity…And you can switch up your go-to order. Read on for ideas on how to craft the best summer Pizza Parma order.

Pineapple & Ham 

Sound familiar? Despite the polarizing views on this flavor combination, nothing says summer like a classic Hawaiian Pizza. With juicy pineapple and smoky ham, it’s the perfect pizza to satisfy your savory and sweet cravings. Many people are hesitant to try fruit on a pizza, but it’s a menu staple for a reason. Don’t knock it ‘til you try it. 

Fresh Tomato & Feta 

If an escape to Greece isn’t in your summer vacation plans (How cool would that be?), you can still experience a small taste of paradise with this pizza. With fresh tomato and Greek feta cheese, this pizza pie makes for a truly refreshing experience. Pro tip: to give it an extra pop of flavor, consider adding spinach, onions and/or black olives.

Fresh Grilled Veggies 

The grill doesn’t have to just be for BBQ. Instead, fire that puppy up and toss on all of your favorite, fresh veggies. Grilling vegetables like onions, peppers and mushrooms creates caramelization, which allows them to take on a sweeter flavor. A veggie pizza is a great choice if you’re eager to take advantage of all of the fresh summer produce. 

Pile on the Best Summer Pizza Toppings with Pizza Parma

Sunshine, outdoor fun, grilling season…and pizza! Let us amp up your summer menu with a tasty pizza, complete with refreshing seasonal toppings and countless mouthwatering flavor combinations. Is your stomach growling yet? Check out our specialty pizza menu for flavor inspiration and order today.